The Code of Ethics of Aneto Natural, SLU is an ethical commitment that sets out basic principles and rules of conduct that provide the necessary guidance to promote proper relationships between Aneto Natural, SLU and its principal stakeholders: its shareholders, workforce, customers, suppliers and the wider community.

The Code of Ethics is for the benefit of all parties, and at all times respects the role of each of them such that Aneto Natural, SLU requires that all affected act in accordance with the principles and rules based on ethical conduct.

Maintaining trust with the principal stakeholders of Aneto Natural, SLU means being committed to constantly reaffirming everything that contributes to ensuring the integrity and transparency of our business consistent with the mission and values of the Company.

Conduct principles and guidance

Aneto Natural and its principal stakeholders undertake not to engage in any behaviour or actions that might fall outside this pattern or framework of action by following the following conduct principles and guidance:


Goal: Strict compliance with Laws in force.

Aneto Natural undertakes to comply with, and at the same time require of its stakeholders strict compliance with, all law, regulations and agreements reached in the markets where Aneto Natural operates. Ignorance of the Code or any part of it does not exonerate any party from their obligations in terms of compliance with the Code.


Goal: Respect for fundamental human rights

Aneto Natural observes the preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, complies with international human rights law and treaties and at the same time requires respect for these rights and freedoms from its stakeholders and the countries in which it operates.


Goal: Respect for workers' rights

Aneto Natural complies with and requires from its stakeholders strict observance of ILO conventions and local employment law, with special emphasis on five fundamental rights: Freedom of Association, Prohibition of Child Labour, Prohibition of Forced Labour, Non-Discrimination and Health and Safety at Work, using as a guiding principle: Collective Bargaining, the continuous training of the whole workforce and the creation of channels of communication with the workforce.


Goal: Strict compliance with Laws in force.

Aneto Natural complies with and requires its stakeholders to comply with applicable environmental laws and with their responsibility for the effects of their processes, products, and/or services.

At the same time, it requires its suppliers to comply with general principles of environmental protection, such as the precautionary principle and preventive action and the principle of remediating environmental impacts.


Objetivo Perseguido: Mantener lealtad a la empresa en todo momento.

Aneto Natural provides and requires its workforce to optimise the use of resources for which it is responsible, with the ultimate goal of providing maximum benefit for Aneto Natural, SLU. To promote the highest standards of professionalism of Aneto Natural in all assigned functions and tasks.


Goal: Compliance with Data Protection law, making use of company and stakeholder information with due care and respect.

Aneto Natural complies with and requires of its stakeholders that all data (prices, volumes, contracts, orders, invoicing, emails, reports, budgets…) that refer to contractual, business, employment or any other relationships are treated as confidential and their disclosure outside the scope of Aneto Natural, SLU's business is not allowed.

No sensitive data relating to Price, Volume, Quality, Service, Negotiation, Strategy, etc., will be provided to another provider.


Goal: To ensure appropriate conduct in all business relationships, both inside and outside the company and not to engage in any independent business that may be or appear to be in conflict with the company

Aneto Natural staff authorised to make purchases will not provide their personal data to existing or potential suppliers in order to allude to situations that may compromise them in relation to their work.

The purchase of goods or services from a supplier must not involve any personal benefit to the staff authorised to buy or their team.

In the event that the worker authorised to purchase identifies any type of risk or situation that involves a conflict of interest, they are obliged to notify their superior as soon as possible in writing and to give credible evidence of the place, date, and time of the communication and to suspend the process in which they are involved until they receive precise written instructions from their Line Manager.

During the stages of the purchasing process, Negotiation, Renewal and/or Amendment of terms and conditions, the acceptance of any gift, display of attention, invitation and participation in special events organised by bidders or potential suppliers is totally prohibited.

In relation to all other matters related to ethical conduct, the highest standard of ETHICS, by which is meant the set of values, standards and principles reflected in the company's culture, will be adopted.


Goal: To ensure that chosen suppliers comply thoroughly with the standards and specifications stipulated.

Aneto Natural complies with and requires its stakeholders to comply with the law relating to food to ensure the hygiene traceability of its products and/or services and to work on the basis of active policies that promote animal welfare.


Goal: To comply with good practice in the use of channels of communication.

Aneto Natural complies with and requires its stakeholders to respect and make good use of channels of communication on which only official spokespersons designated by the Company may speak on behalf of Aneto Natural, SLU.